How to Whisk Matcha

October 30, 2021 3 min read

Kenko Ceremonial Matcha

If you only master one skill in mastering making matcha, learning to properly whisk matcha would be the most important. Matcha has endless methods of preparation. You can blend it, shake it or use an electric whisk. But taking the time to master the art of using a traditional bamboo whisk (chasen) will add to your enjoyment of matcha for years to come.

Why a bamboo whisk?

The bamboo whisk was designed to make matcha.  In Japan, it is called a “chasen.” There are two reasons to use a bamboo whisk: the mix and the material.

Whisking Matcha Tea

Many see mixing matcha as an art.  Mixing matcha with a whisk brings about oxygenation.  Matcha that has been properly mixed brings the matcha powder, water, and air together releasing a sweet aroma and giving us frothy foam on the surface.   

Chasen bamboo whisks (high quality) are used because they are flexible and gentle.  The flexibility of the bamboo whisk does not pierce the surface of the mixing bowl or cup you use.  This protects your bowls and cups from the damage they would receive otherwise.  Using a metal whisk is not gentle on the matcha.  A bamboo whisk does not leave a taste on the matcha a metal one would.  Bamboo whisks are gently giving you the pure taste of matcha you love and enjoy.

How to use

  1. Pre-soak your bamboo whisk in a glass of water.  This soak will soften the tines, making them flexible and supple.
  2. Prepare water to 80C or 185F
  3. With your Tea Scoop, scoop a heaping amount of matcha into a sifter, or about ½ teaspoon.
  4. Gently move the scoop around the sifter to release the matcha into the bowl.
  5. Pour 2 ounces or 60 ml of hot water into the bowl and begin whisking vigorously in a W-motion until the matcha is frothy.
  6. Stop here and enjoy straight from the bowl or add more water, about 2 more ounces, continuing to whisk in a W-motion.  
  7. Small, gentle bubbles should be on the top.  Enjoy your perfect cup of matcha. 

When you whisk, do so from your wrist and not your elbow.  Enjoy and be adventurous with whisking.  Whisk as fast as you can.  Remember, we need to add air into the mix to get the foamy goodness on top.  

The Outcome

Matcha with Crema on top

When you are done whisking, you should have a nice green color of tea with foam on top.  This does take time to get right. Keep practicing if your first, second, or third attempts are not the result you want.  Making matcha is an experience.  Using a whisk to make matcha is a great way to begin the morning and start your day with nutrients and a great experience.  

How to care for you Bamboo matcha whisk 

Matcha whisk on stand

It is important to care for your whisk to ensure it lasts beyond a few months, but into the years ahead.  Make sure to clean your bamboo whisk well.  Do not put it in the dishwasher; this would damage it.  Put your whisk in a warm cup of water.  No soap is needed as the hot water would clean your whisk well.  The next step is to dry the whisk properly to avoid moisture building and mold development.  The best place to dry the whisk is on a whisk holder, but if you do not have one, ensure that you do not let it dry on its side as this will change the shape of your whisk.  You can put it straight up so the tines are in the air.  Be sure your whisk is completely dry before storing it.

There you have it! Enjoy making matcha using a bamboo whisk.