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How to make matcha tea

How to make matcha tea

Is your matcha tea frothy and creamy?

no? read on...

Matcha tea is still relatively new here in Australia, and one of the most common questions I receive is how to make matcha tea that produces that delightful creamy, frothy layer of crema on the surface. Below is my method for preparing matcha tea using the traditional Japanese bamboo matcha utensils. 

While matcha has been prepared this way as part of the traditional tea ceremony for centuries, please note I don't claim to be an expert on the intricacies of Japanese tea ceremonies, and am still learning more about it every day. There are those in the tea profession that have devoted most of their lives to the study of Japanese tea, the traditions behind it and the tea ceremony itself, I have the utmost respect for anyone who has has done that.

There are a few steps, and I will show you what works for me. I use 1 gram of matcha powder with about 75mls of water. This is called a thin (薄茶 usucha) preparation. For a thicker preparation (called 濃茶 koicha), simply use more matcha powder, or less water to suit your tastes. 

You will need:


 How to prepare matcha green tea

 How to make matcha tea - pouring the water on the matcha powder

How to prepare matcha tea - whisking the matcha powder

Matcha tea with layer of froth and bamboo whisk

(Here's a quick video showing you how fast you need to whisk the tea to get froth)

That's it! Good luck making your matcha tea at home. If you don't have the bamboo whisk, a great alternative is an Aerolatte electric milk frother - we now have some in stock.

If you're on instagram, remember to use hashtag #kenkotea and your creations will show up in our recipes section.

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