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Matcha Tea Sets

If you've been a green tea powder enthusiast for a while, you probably know our green tea powder can be enjoyed in a variety of ways; tea, lattes, shakes, or other recipes. However, ask any green tea purist and you'll quickly learn that matcha wasn't originally meant to be used as an ingredient, but as a part of a ritual, an ancient ceremony that goes on to this day. 

If you want to take your tea game to the next level; to partake in a tradition that stretches back centuries; to enjoy green tea powder the way it was meant to be enjoyed hundreds of years ago — You'll need the proper tools.

Our Matcha Tea Sets

We offer two kinds of tea sets, on the one hand, our most basic set consists of: 

  • One 30g Ceremonial Matcha Tin
  • A "Chasaku" or bamboo scoop, to give you the perfect amount of powder for your tea
  • A "Chasen" or bamboo whisk, which will mix your tea perfectly. With this Japanese set, you will be able to make and enjoy premium quality matcha in the convenience of your home whenever you want.

We also have a 6 piece set that will give you the full matcha making experience, it includes: 

  • A sifter, which prevents the powder from clumping
  • A bamboo scoop (Chasaku)
  • A bamboo whisk (Chasen)
  • A ceremonial bowl (Chawan) for mixing your tea
  • A ceramic whisk stand for drying you whisk safely and with care
  • A choice of either a 30g tin of Organic Ceremonial or Ceremonial Matcha

This is the highest grade green tea powder available, you'll find it provides a complex yet subtle range of flavors that cannot be appreciated in other preparations. The accessories combined into this 6 piece set are the perfect companions to your tea to give you an authentic Japanese tea experience.

Drink Green Tea the Traditional Way

Become a green tea powder expert and experience centuries of tradition in the comfort of your own home. Purchase our tea tools and taste history in your green tea drink.

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