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Our Matcha Tea sets consists of one 30g Ceremonial Matcha Tin, a matcha bamboo scoop (Chasaku), giving you the perfect amount of matcha for your tea, and a bamboo matcha whisk (Chasen), which will mix you matcha perfectly.  With this Japanese set, you will be able to make and enjoy premium quality matcha in the convenience of you home whenever you want.  

We also have a 6 piece matcha set that will give you the full matcha making experience.  You will receive a tea sifter, which removes matcha from clumping, matcha bamboo scoop (Chasaku), a bamboo matcha whisk (Chasen) and a matcha bowl (Chawan) are used to mix your matcha, a ceramic matcha whisk stand for drying you whisk safely and with car, and a choice of one 30g tin of Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tin or Ceremonial Matcha Tin of matcha. These accessories combined into this 6 piece set are the perfect companion with your matcha to give you an authentic Japanese matcha tea experience. 


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Organic Ceremonial Matcha

I’m really loving the automatic ordering on my matcha tea every 2 months. It means I never miss a bowl and can have my matcha every morning.

Organic Culinary Grade Matcha Powder - 30g Bag

Matcha Ceremonial Grade

The best tasting matcha I have tried to date. Thank you

Culinary Grade Matcha Powder - 1kg Bag

love it, highly recommended

the best Macha i tried, its so good for every day refresh me and very healthy. :)