Japanese Matcha

Our range of Japanese matcha powder is sourced from obsessive farmers in the Southern Japanese region of Nishio, Uji and Kagoshima. Made from shade grown, hand picked, carefully graded tencha green tea leaves, dried and stone ground into matcha green tea powder. We ship matcha to Australia each month so you enjoy the freshest matcha available from Japan.

Kenko tea matcha powder comes in two grades:

  1. A premium ceremonial grade matcha powder for the connoisseur. Has subtle vegetal notes, sweet grassy green tea flavour and a long lasting smooth finish.
  2. Our culinary grade matcha powder (also known as cooking grade matcha powder) packs more 'green tea' flavour and is better suited for creating matcha lattes, matcha smoothies, matcha juices or for baking matcha recipes. Sourced from the same farms, with the same care taken during production. Read our matcha buyers guide for more information.

Both grades are available as a non-Organic option or as certified organic matcha powder.

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