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Increase Focus, Enhance energy levels and Boost your metabolism with: Kenko Matcha Green Tea Australia

Kenko Matcha Tea Australia Press and reviews

What is Matcha Green Tea? 

Matcha is a special type of Japanese powdered green tea, produced by artisanal tea growers of Japan. Unlike regular green tea leaves which are 'steeped' in hot water, matcha leaves are ground into a fine powder, then mixed with water to create a super potent green tea, packed with nutrients.

The whole tea leaf is ingested, providing amazing levels of the antioxidant EGCG (many times that of regular green tea!)

Some people drink matcha for the taste, while many more Aussie's are turning to matcha for the incredible health benefits. Kenko Matcha Tea contains 100% pure stone ground tea leaves. Nothing else, zero additives, just natural, healthy, shade grown tea leaves. Grown in Japan, then shipped by air to Australia

raw,vegan,100% natural,gluten free and packed with antioxidants


antioxidants in Kenko Tea Australian Matcha Green Tea

What We Do: 

At Kenko Tea our vision is simple - Make matcha tea in Australia as popular as coffee !
Turn a nation of coffee drinkers into green tea drinkers? Yes. Crazy? Maybe...
That is the driving mission behind Kenko Tea.
"Australia's Hottest Food and Health Trend of 2015" - 
More and more people are looking look for a healthier coffee substitute and Kenko Matcha Tea aims to fill that void. By
working directly with matcha producers in Nishio, Japan and Importing the finest matcha green tea powder into Australia.  
Jump on board with us and join the 1000’s of coffee converts already swapping their daily latte for a nutritious, energy boosting, healthful cup of matcha!

What are the Health Benefits of Matcha?




 Comparison between antioxidants of matcha green tea and common superfoods

  • Increases focus and alertness (without the caffeine jitters you get from coffee)
  • Boosts metabolism (which can aid in increased fat burning) 
  • Enhances energy levels naturally (with no 'crash' like other stimulants)
  • Off the charts antioxidant levels (more than any other 'superfood')
  • Calming yet energising properties (due to the L-Theanine / caffeine combination)
  • Supports your immune function (from all those antioxidants)
  • Aids meditation practice (matcha has been used by zen monks for centuries)
  • Super high levels of HGCgs (antioxidants known for their cancer fighting properties)

    (When you drink a normal tea that is steeped in water, the tea leaves are discarded, (causing most of the nutrients and antioxidants to be lost). Not so with matcha. When you prepare tea using matcha powder you are ingesting the whole leaf, and consuming all the good stuff. This gives matcha it's impressive antioxidant and nutrient profile and makes it a super tea. )

    that's nice... but how does matcha taste?

    Kenko Matcha tea has a natural sweetness, slight vegetal or grassy overtones, creamy texture and a hint of astringency. It should never be 'bitter' to taste (this is a sign of poor quality or old matcha). It can be prepared by simply mixing with hot water, made into a delicious green tea latte, or added to matcha smoothies and sweets.  


    How do I prepare Matcha Green Tea? 

    In a Japanese tea ceremony, Matcha is prepared using a bamboo whisk called a chasen, a fine metal sift and bamboo scoop called a chasaku. Start by shaking the matcha tea powder through a fine sieve into a bowl then adding water. You will want to use around 1 gram of Matcha Tea powder (1/4 teaspoon) with 75ml  of hot water.

      How Is Japanese Matcha Tea Produced?

      Matcha has a few very specific production techniques that separate it from regular green tea, or green tea powders. In short, all matcha is a green tea powder, however not all green tea powders are a true matcha powder. If you are finding cheap 'matcha' for sale, there's a good chance it doesn't follow these 6 steps for real matcha green tea production:

      Kenko Matcha Tea Australia - How matcha green tea is produced

      1 Unlike regular green tea, matcha tea leaves are shade grown to boost chlorophyll and L-theanine levels (the healthy stuff!). This gives matcha a natural sweetness and vibrant green colour (while boosting antioxidant levels).

      2 The leaves are carefully hand picked by trained field workers. This ensures only the youngest and greenest leaves make their way into Kenko Matcha powder.

      3 The lucky leaves to make it this far are then steamed to prevent oxidation (oxidised tea leaves can be dull and stale), then naturally air dried.

      4 The dried leaves are then graded according to colour, texture, taste and aroma. Only the finest leaves are included in Kenko Matcha.

      5 The graded tea leaves are then de-stemmed and de-veined to reduce bitterness, then blended to produce a consistant quality tea. The tea at this stage is called "tencha".

      6 The tencha leaves are then stone ground using granite grinding blocks into a fine powder. This method of grinding matcha has been used for centuries, and is continued to this day. It is necessary to preserve matcha's unique colour, flavour and aroma profile.

      7. The matcha is then sealed in our certified prodiction facility in Japan, before being Air shipped to Australia to ensure the freshest product available.

      Where to now? 

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