Do you have a blog or website? Do you love matcha tea?

Want to make some money?

Kenko tea is looking to work with bloggers with audiences in the areas of cooking, health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and of course tea. All you need is a website, some visitors and to sign up to Kenko Tea's affiliate program. 

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How does it work?

Simply sign up through the affiliate page, and you will be provided with a unique link that you can place anywhere on your website or email list. You will be provided with banner ads in multiple sizes to suit the look of your website.

Any visitor referred from your website to Kenko Tea that makes a purchase is tracked by the referral program, and you will earn 10% of the sale price. Payouts are through paypal at the end of each calender month. There is no minimum payout, the more people you refer, the more you could earn.

Affiliates Receive:

  1. 10% Commission for any referral
  2.  45 day tracking cookie (any purchase made for 45 days after being referred from your site will earn you money)
  3. Creative ads and banners in multiple sizes
  4. Average order size of $75 (meaning average payout of $7.5 per sale you refer)

We want you to create long term, mutually beneficial relationships with bloggers, and want to see you succeed. If there's any other assistance to get setup please get in touch by emailing 

About Kenko

We haven't been around long, but Kenko tea is fast becoming the go-to source online for high grade Japanese matcha tea.

We believe:

  1. Kenko's Matcha is the highest quality available in the Australian market. 
  2. Matcha is one of the healthiest, most nutrient rich 'super foods' on the planet.
  3. That your audience will love our products.

We are looking for bloggers with an engaged audience, who share our values of healthy living, good nutrition, fine artisanal produce and sustainable living. 

If you feel you are a good fit, please sign up at the affiliate page here.


Kenko Tea!


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Kenko Matcha

Kenko Matcha is ahead of the rest make no mistake tried many others before being referred to Kenko smart decision, from the really convenient tins they come in, the quality is evident from the first sip, once ordered your assured of fast and efficient delivery , Thanks Kenko

Great Stuff!

Very happy with the purchase! I have been researching Matcha an it's amazing benefits, this product certainly delivers. Will be back to stock up soon.

Highest quality tea I’ve experienced.

Excellent products

Love your products and your great service!

Much-cha love

Great product. I can't go back to to no grade matcha anymore once I have tried this.