Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha 

Ceremonial Matcha Tea

Our ceremonial matcha is made of the youngest of tea leaves, finely selected, from the very first harvest of the year.  The stems and the veins are removed giving it a smooth texture to the touch.  Ceremonial matcha is vibrant green in color.  It has a smooth and delicate flavor, almost sweet tasting.  This natural sweetness makes it ideal for tea ceremonies and people who want to experience a more traditional style of matcha drink.  

Ceremonial matcha is different from culinary matcha in the harvesting phase and this affects the taste and quality.  We use finely selected leaves from high on the tea plant during the first harvest of the year, as compared to culinary matcha which is made from leaves lower on the stem. Ceremonial matcha is generally prepared just with water, with a bamboo whisk and bowl, compared to culinary matcha which is added to lattes and recipes. Ceremonial matcha also has slightly different nutritional properties, with slightly higher levels of L theanine and some nutrients, although this difference isn't too big. 

Our matcha comes from the Nishio Region in Japan, the gold standard in matcha production.  Our matcha is shade grown and stone ground giving you authenticity and great taste.  Our matcha is not stored long because we buy in small orders to ensure the freshest matcha to our customers.  


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Organic Matcha - Premium Ceremonial Kenko Tea
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