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  • How to Make Cold Brew Matcha in 2 minutes

    February 10, 2022 2 min read

    Cold brewing coffee is a recent trend.  Drinking a hot cup of coffee is great, but one thing to remember is that heat destroys antioxidants.  Furthermore, cold brew coffee is easier on your stomach and may cause less acid reflux in those who have a sensitivity to the acidity in hot coffee.  But what about matcha?  Does heat destroy the antioxidants?  Is cold matcha easier on the stomach?

    Matcha is Amazing as it boasts the same health benefits if it is prepared and drank both hot and cold.  Heat can destroy nutrients in most foods.  This is not true of matcha. Drinking matcha both ways will reap the same rewards.

    But why cold brew matcha?  First let me tell you how to make it.  It is very easy.  Just remember, shake, shake, shake!

    How to Make Cold Brew Matcha

    What you will need

    1. 1 drinking bottle with a lid (such as mason jar, blender/shaker bottle, water bottle, etc.)

    2. Chashaku (Tea Scoop) or ½ or 1 teaspoon

    3.  Matcha powder

    4. 1-2 cups of water

    5. Sifter (optional)


    1. Scoop 1 teaspoon of matcha into your bottle with your tea scoop or teaspoon
      1. Using a sifter is not necessary, but is optional at this step.  You will shake the matcha in your bottle. This will remove clumping
    2. Fill your bottle with cold water almost full. This leaves space at the top for when you shake to mix your matcha and water.
    3. If you want a cold brew colder, you can add some ice cubes into your bottle.
    4. Seal your bottle with your lid and shake vigorously for 15-30 seconds. When you do not see any clumps and there is froth on top, you know you have mixed the matcha well.
    5. You have made cold brew matcha!  Either drink from your bottle or pour it into a glass.  
    6. Note: Matcha is not dissolved into the water like instant coffee or tea.  It is suspended.  You will need to shake your bottle once again your matcha cold brew settles.

    So, why make cold brew matcha?  Warming food or a drink takes work.  Turning the kettle on or heating something over the stove takes some time.  Cold brewing matcha is made once and then you can store it in your refrigerator.  All you have to do is shake your bottle before drinking or pouring matcha into a glass because the matcha will have settled. 

    Cold-brew your matcha to save time and convenience.  No need to prepare just picked it up, shake, and go.  Why don’t you give it a try?