Organic Matcha Tea Powder

Being more health-conscious is one reason many people incorporate green tea powder in their daily lives. It provides numerous health benefits and boasts several nutritional properties that have great effects on our mood, focus, and health. Here at Kenko Tea, we supply USDA-certified organic matcha powder green tea from the Nishio region of Japan — for all the organic food lovers and health junkies out there, or anyone with a preference for subtle, authentic flavours.

Why Choose Organic Matcha?

Mass production of many things comes with certain benefits, typically in the form of lower costs. However, when dealing with something as delicate as green tea leaves, savings can come at the expense of health, taste and quality. For a more authentic tea experience, natural green tea powder is the only way to go.

Production Process

Conventionally grown matcha uses harsh pesticides and chemicals that linger after harvesting, which defeats the purpose of introducing healthy foods into your diet. On the other hand, when growing green tea leaves organically, producers use organic pesticides and only in limited, controlled quantities. Furthermore, to earn USDA certification, we ensure our entire supply chain meets the same, chemical-free, organic standards.


When it comes to taste, mass-produced tea tends to be more full-bodied and has a more robust flavour. Our tea, however, has a tendency to be lighter and thinner in flavour thanks to our gentler processing.

Some tea lovers seem to gravitate to the taste of the non-organic powders, but for those looking for an authentic, healthier tea experience, organic matcha is the perfect choice.

Different Kinds of Matcha

You may not be aware, but green tea powder comes in different grades, commonly referred to as ceremonial and culinary grade powders, depending on its quality and desired use. 

Ceremonial Grade 

Thousands of years before green tea lattes and smoothies became a thing, green tea powder already enjoyed a long and rich history.  Used in ceremonies in Buddhist temples and Japanese homes alike, this is the highest quality green tea powder you can get. 

Ceremonial Grade powder is made from the fines leaves, which are milled in special conditions in order to deliver a much more nuanced and complex flavour profile, which would be lost if consumed in other forms. 

Culinary Grade 

If you're more of a casual green tea drinker, then you've probably tasted culinary grade powders already. These deliver a much potent, less nuanced flavour that can come through in other preparations, like mixed drinks or baked goods. And let me tell you, while it's not the traditional way of consuming it, it's definitely worth a try, lattes, smoothies, cakes, pancakes, the sky's the limit. 

Ready to Try Our Tea?

We stock the highest quality organic ceremonial grade powder, which is quite sweet and perfect for Japanese tea ceremonies and people who want to experience a more traditional style of drink. And, if you're a cook looking to broaden your horizons and integrate our products into your repertoire, we also stock organic culinary grade matcha (also referred to as cooking grade), perfect for any recipe.

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