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  • April 11, 2022 7 min read

    Unless you’ve been living somewhere very quiet as of late (like under a rock), you have probably noticed matcha sliding onto just about every cafe menu in Sydney.

    Why all the fuss you might ask? This fine powdered green tea is up to 137 times more antioxidant-enriched than regular tea, and offers a noticeably potent caffeine hit as well.

    This sheer amount of antioxidants found in matcha gives it an impressive score sheet where health is concerned.

    Proven to boost brain function and metabolism, matcha not only switches you into gear every morning but by speeding up the metabolism, it can also aid in weight loss.

    PS: Looking to purchase matcha powder? You can see our online shop here.

    Although most of us have only been exposed to matcha in the last five, maybe ten years, this wonder powder has been a big part of East Asian culture (most notably in Japan and China) for centuries.

    In this article, we are going to showcase the best cafes in Sydney City and its suburbs that have a knack for matcha.

    Whether you’d like a matcha-infused sweet treat or something more substantial and savory, between these cafes, your matcha needs have already been met.

    So sit back, get comfortable, and come work up an insatiable appetite for matcha - soon to be unleashed onto Sydney's thriving cafe scene.

    1. Cafe Cre Asion

    Cafe Cre Asion is an upmarket Japanese-style cafe in the heart of Sydney City on Alberta Street. Their matcha-infused dessert menu is hand-crafted to perfection and served every day except Sundays.

    Sweet treats like the matcha Swiss roll, matcha macadamia cookies, matcha chiffon cake and the extra decadent matcha tart each make a very good case for your mid-afternoon, be-kind-to-yourself moment.

    On top of creating high-end matcha desserts, the cafe also has a delicious brunch menu that infuses matcha wherever possible. Of course, you can get seriously good coffee here too, with their tea menu being just as on point.

    They also sell a small but purposeful range of premium retail products through their website, and in-house at the cafe.

    High-quality matcha powder by the tin, Single O reservoir blend beans, hojicha powder, Artificer seasonal blend - each item that they sell and make is premium, and yes, it is expensive.

    But, good quality products are, and Cafe Cre Asion’s creations are totally worth it.

    2. Oh! Matcha

    Not quite as bespoke as Cafe Cre Asion, but with an extensive menu that champions matcha in all its forms - you’d be hard-pressed to find a wider selection of matcha treats in Australia.

    Oh! Matcha can be found on George Street in the Regent Place Shopping Centre and is open from midday through to the late evening, every day of the week.

    We hope you like the color green because a step inside this light and modern cafe will have you presented with an endless stream of green desserts and drinks.

    Matcha sundaes, matcha soft serves, matcha lattes, matcha frappes, matcha Yakult floats, and fruit-topped matcha parfaits (which are a big hit with the Instagram kids).

    Not that you’ve come here for anything but matcha. However, if you did happen to work up an appetite on your way into the city, then Oh! Matcha do Katsu sandos, fried Karaage chicken, and a bunch of other Japanese-inspired savory bites to satisfy before delving into something green and sweet.

    3. Azuki

    On the odd chance that you are a “savory-first”, ask questions later, the kind of person who doesn’t see the need to indulge in sweets, Azuki bakery has got you covered.

    This specialty bakery in the happening suburb of Newtown (just down the road from the Enmore Theatre) does flour and yeast best.

    Their fusion of Japanese and European baking has created quite the buzz across Sydney, and rightfully so, it’s unique and delicious.

    They do bagels, sausage rolls, sourdough loaves, baguettes, and doughnuts all with a unique sprinkling of Japanese and European cultures.

    On the matcha front, they do matcha melon pan, and matcha Azuki pan, as well as a tonne more matcha-infused cakes and bakes like their cute-as-pie matcha puffs.

    The “come for the matcha and stay for everything else” scenario is likely when swinging by this bakery for something green.

    However, before making your way over to Newtown for the sole purpose of stepping into Azuki (as many Sydneysiders do), Azuki is only open Thursday to Sunday each week, so best to be mindful of that.

    Best Matcha Cafes In Sydney

    4. Cafe Kentaro

    This uber-chic cafe on the leafy-green Bourke Street of Surry Hills is headed by the same passionate crew behind Cafe Oratnek.

    Leaning on rustic decor and clean lines, the cafe has a very contemporary aesthetic that is suited to modern Japanese cuisine.

    With an all-day breakfast, and an all-day lunch menu (that still feels very brunchy), Cafe Kentaro is the place to go when you’re in the mood for something savory, and something special.

    From their signature katsu, to the Japanese poutine, and the famed two-egg brekkie burger which features wasabi mayo and Japanese BBQ sauce, each item on their menu is destined to impress.

    The kitchen is headed by a creative genius that goes by the name of “Chef Kenny”, and you better believe he loves to infuse Matcha wherever it makes sense to.

    So creative is Chef Kenny, that the Cafe Kentaro menu is constantly being updated with new and exciting dishes, but at the minute, the Matcha Croffle has got it going on.

    A loaded waffle with berry compote, banana chips, mochi, green tea pocky, kinako, and hot matcha ganache may just be the most inventive matcha experience in Sydney, and no, we’re not joking.

    5. Le Monde Cafe

    Another local haunt in the stylish inner-city suburb of Surry Hills, Le Monde Cafe has been doing its thing for over 20 years now.

    Winning awards, owning the socials, and with a cult-like following, Le Monde has stayed relevant by keeping its cafe and menu up to date and rolling with the times.

    Although their menu may not be as high-flying as Cafe Kentaro (neither are their prices). Expect vibrant breakfast items that don’t break the bank but come certified to be delicious and fill any void.

    Brekky burgers, muesli bowls, protein shakes, potato rosti, eggs any way you like them, even if you haven’t stopped by Le Monde before - sitting down for food feels both exciting and familiar.

    In terms of matcha, they're ready to serve you fresh and steaming matcha hotcakes, a matcha latte, or a refreshing iced version for when the mercury is rising.

    They also do a bunch of lunch dishes that lean on fresh veggies, locally sourced meat, and Asian flavors to be brilliant.

    6. Short Stop

    Originating in Melbourne, and now with two locations in central Sydney, it’s clear ShortStop is “doughnut-ing” something right.

    When you do a product better than anyone else, it doesn’t take long for people to start taking note, and that’s exactly what ShortStop does - doughnuts are better than anyone else.

    Sure, their prices may be a little higher than your local bakery’s doughnut selection, but can you really put a price on the best doughnut of your life?

    Earl gray & rose, maple walnut & brown butter, classic lamington, salted coconut yuzu & kaya - these aren’t the flavors normally associated with your average doughnut, and that’s because, as we said, these aren’t your average doughnuts.

    If you’re wondering where matcha fits into all of this - it’s in the dough, that’s where. With two of their most adored doughnuts infused with matcha, it’s safe to say that Shortstop has cracked the matcha code.

    The matcha lamington and the matcha cheesecake are two reasons to stop by ShortStop, and, yes, you must try both.

    They’ve also got your caffeinated matcha needs covered too, which means the only question left is, what are you waiting for? Make tracks down to their Barangaroo or Darling Harbour store and bite into the hype, the doughnut hype.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Matcha?

    A major player in matcha’s sudden rise to fame on the world stage is its associated health benefits.

    This may be shocking (in a good way), but premium matcha is known to have up to 137 times the number of antioxidants than your average cup of tea.

    This abnormally high level of antioxidants opens up the door for a whole range of health benefits, most notably boosting brain function and our metabolisms.

    On top of giving our bodies an initial boost of antioxidants, if ingested regularly in conjunction with a healthy diet, matcha can protect the liver, promote a healthy heart and even prevent various types of cancer.

    What Does Matcha Taste Like?

    You wouldn’t be lying if you said that in its pure, powdered form, matcha has an acquired taste.

    However, once it is diluted into drink and food recipes, it brings on a much subtler flavor profile. Most people pick up on sweet and umami tasting notes, as well as an underlying edge of bitterness.

    Of course, you can get a really delicious matcha latte, just the same as you can get the under-par stuff. Luckily for you and us, the cafes listed above only serve the matcha in town so you won’t be put off by your first experience.


    With an already thriving Japanese-inspired matcha cafe scene, it’s safe to say that you’re in capable, matcha-making hands when in Sydney.

    The beauty of matcha is its versatility, suiting many different foods (both savory and sweet), as well as hot drinks, cold drinks, and every drink in between.

    In light of this article, it kind of feels like matcha’s surface is only just getting scratched. And Sydney is the city that’s scratching it.