Bulletproof Matcha Green Tea Recipe (Keto Friendly)

September 01, 2013 3 min read


How to make an awesome 'bulletproof' green tea with matcha

I did some experimenting in the Kenko Tea lab today and decided to make a keto friendly Bulletproof green tea  with japanese matcha, grassfed ghee and Bullet Proof MCT Oil.

What is bulletproof green tea you ask? Good question. A bit of background:

The idea is taken from Dave Asprey, who in the last few years has popularized his invention of 'Bulletproof Coffee'. We simply changed the idea by adding matcha powder

Bulletproof coffee is brewed black coffee (Dave recommends his own mold free beans), with large amounts of healthy fats from the addition of MCT-Oil (or coconut oil) and lashings of grassfed butter (unsalted of course), or high quality grassfed Ghee. Yes that's right, butter and ghee in coffee. But it has to be grassfed. The reasons for this are plenty..

PS. I used and recommend Primal Collective's Ghee, which you can purchase along with all the other great Bulletproof products from the guys at Optimoz.

Butter Infographic

The idea is that most of our diets are so lacking in healthy fats, that adding them to your morning coffee lets you feel energized, satiated, without the caffeine crash from regular coffee (much like matcha) and no blood sugar highs and lows from the usual sugar-filled breakfast foods. I suggest you read Dave's own words for the whole story. I figured why not try it out with some matcha powder instead.

Anyway to the recipe


2g of Ceremonial Matcha   

1 Tbs Grassfed Ghee or Grassfed Butter

1 Tbs of Bullet Proof MCT oil (can be substituted for coconut oil if needed)

70 mls of hot water at 80c (not boiling). We recommend the Stagg Electric Kettle to get the perfect temperature water.

method to this madness:

Sift the matcha powder into a glass (this ensures no lumps of matcha powder)

Pour in the hot water, then add your ghee or butter 

Bulletproof Green Tea

Add the Bulletproof MCT Oil or coconut oil

Bullet Proof Green Tea Recipe - Adding butter and Mct Oil

I used an Aerolatte electric milk frother to mix this concoction. 

Bullet Proof Green Tea Recipe - mixing with electric whisk

The end result:

It actually tasted delicious, and was the creamiest glass of matcha I've ever tried. The ghee or butter blends into the tea perfectly, producing a lovely, slightly thicker texture than just a regular cup of matcha. The flavour of the ghee also removes any hint of astringency from the matcha, making it surprisingly sweet, much like a matcha latte, but without the addition of any sugars. There wasn't as much crema or froth that you get with just a regular matcha, but that didn't matter, as the overall creaminess of the whole drink made up for that. 

matcha green tea recipe

How did I feel?

Does the addition of healthy fats to matcha increase my energy levels, alertness etc?

Absolutely.. While matcha green tea on it's own makes me feel energised for 5-6 hours anyway. The addition of healthy fats did leave me feeling full and satisfied all morning.

The main benefit was the ability to stay focused for a whole mornings work without needing to eat. So if you need a drink to stay focused and productive then try a Bullet Proof Tea!

I would definitely try it again, if only for the taste itself. That creamy matcha latte taste without any sugar or milk needed is a huge win for me!

See you next time from the Kenko Tea Lab!