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Matcha Tea Powder - Cooking Grade from Kenko Tea - 100g

Matcha Tea Powder - Cooking Grade from Kenko Tea - 100g 4.9 85

Cooking grade matcha tea from Kenko Tea.

This grade of matcha is specially blended for making smoothies, matcha lattes, matcha drinks and flavouring your favourite recipes. With a more robust flavour and more astringency than Kenko Premium Matcha. It has a stronger flavour profile that withstands the addition of fats and sugars making it perfect for using as green tea powder for making: 

  • Green Tea Ice Cream
  • Green Tea Lattes
  • Green Tea Smoothies
  • Matcha Cupcakes & Sweets 
  • It is a great addition to your daily green smoothies or as a green tea latte powder for an amazing antioxidant blast.

    It is produced from Nishio in Japan, contains 100% pure stone ground tea leaves, and is sourced from the exact same farms as the Kenko Premium grade. It is also only ground to order, using the same stone grinding methods as Kenko Premium - ensuring the freshest, most vibrant matcha possible.

    • 100% stone ground green tea leaves from the Nishio region of Japan.
    • Super high level of antioxidants levels (137 x that of regular green tea)
    • Raises energy levels for 4-6 hours naturallly 
    • 100 x 1g servings per bag = 31c per serving

    (Iced Matcha Latte recipe)

    For matcha cooking ideas see our matcha recipes section.

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