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Matcha Beer Recipe

Matcha and Beer?

So it's Saturday night and things are bound to get a little crazy at the Kenko Tea lab. Now you may think Kenko is all about health, fitness and wellbeing, but we also know how to party with the best of them. So what better way to finish the week than with a tasty, refresing matcha beer recipe

Matcha Beer Recipe

Believe it or not, matcha beer is actually served in certain Japanese bars, particularly in the city of Kyoto. It's also produced by a few breweries in Japan. Japanese brewery Kinchasa sells it online, and UK brewery Brewdog also released a cheeky matcha infused beer for the London Olympics named 'Never mind the Anabolics'. I couldn't get ahold of either so I decided to make my own matcha beer.

Here is my two minute matcha beer recipe:

Matcha Beer Recipe Ingredients

You will need:

  • Some beer of course( I used Sapporo to keep things Japanesey)
  • Half a tsp of matcha powder dissolved in warm water
  • An electric milk frother

My matcha beer recipe:

  • Sift the matcha powder and add a little warm water
  • Whisk until really frothy with the milk frother

  • Now I've never worked in a bar and I messed this next part up. Pour in the beer slowly, with your glass on an angle, otherwise you end up with 9 parts froth to 1 part beer in your glass.

The end result. Cheers!

Made your own matcha beer? Let me know in the comments below.