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Japanese Matcha Tea Gift Set - 6 Piece

Type of Matcha

Japanese tea set the for the matcha enthusiast!

This full 6 piece matcha tea set comes in a gift box with all the utensils you will need to make the ideal cup of matcha at home

Ideal as a present, or a treat for yourself. You can prepare matcha the traditional way on your own at home, and enjoy your own Japanese tea ceremony.  


  • Ceramic matcha bowl
  • Bamboo Whisk 
  • Bamboo scoop
  • Porcelain whisk stand 
  • Stainless Steel tea sifter
  • 30g Kenko Tea Ceremonial Matcha or 30g Organic Ceremonial Matcha

The bamboo whisk is ideal for whisking up matcha to produce the ideal level froth and creaminess, and has been used in the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries.The whisk is hand carved from a single piece of bamboo. It contains 80 prongs, which is ideal for producing just the right amount of froth in your matcha tea.

The bamboo scoop has been crafted specifically for measuring the correct amount of matcha tea. One scoopful measures roughly 1 gram of matcha, ideal for a thin (usucha) matcha tea preparation. (Although you can always add more to suit your tastes!) 

The ceramic matcha bowl has a wide base, ideal for whisking up matcha with ease. 

The whisk stand will help keep your whisk in the correct shape, while keeping it clean and dry, while the sift will aid in preparing the best frothy bowl of matcha.

Comes sealed in a gift box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Delicious, meditative ritual

The complete set let us prepare delicious, frothy matcha in what has become a meditative ritual. Whisky and stand are excellent. The bowl would be better if it had a spout or similar because pouring from the bowl to a cup can be messy. Otherwise the entire pack is brilliant.

6 piece Japanese tea set

I really love my set
Although my bamboo whisker up top has gone black, only had couple of weeks
I thoroughly love making my tea very early in morning before work
Just ordered another tin of the organic ceremonial powder
I will always be customer now
Just disappointed in whisker
Need the better one😁

Healthy boost

This tea is great. I especially notice the effects in the afternoon. A cup of this brings my focus, motivation and physical energy to 100% to get me through the rest of my day. I can not speak highly enough about this product to my friends and family. It's a must try and well worth it.

Honest Review

Kenko is the second matcha green tea I have tasted. Kenko is really smooth and very pleasant to drink.
The tea set is very good quality, the packaging it self feels premium.
Overall I am very happy that I purchased Kenko green tea and the set as I like doing things traditionally. It’s very enjoyable making it specially in the morning when I just want to be spiritual and just relax.
I high recommend this Kenko and the tea set.

Beautiful set

Supreme flavour, beautiful quality, adore this set! 🥰 Fast delivery 😍


Let customers speak for us

1317 reviews
Good things in small packages 😜

Made the switch from coffee to matcha because I had sleeping issues. WOW! Worth every dollar - from the quality, taste and DRASTIC improvement in sleep. Never looking back!

Love this matcha tea sets

Quality tea sets

Great taste

Love it will buy it again


Culinary grade matcha powder

This is simply the best matcha powder I've bought. The fragrance it impacts to my bakes trumps many other. I love the taste of it in my shakes and overnight oats. Thanks for this sensational product. Will definitely be buying more.

High quality product, high quality service

I've ordered from Kenko Tea before, and the matcha is still upheld to the same standards. I had some issues with delivery of the product, but the customer service team managed it very well. Will order again and again