Matcha Tea Bowl (Chawan)

An authentic, hand-crafted ceramic matcha tea bowl is the perfect gift for any matcha lover who wants to recreate a traditional matcha ceremony.

The wide base and high sides make our chawan ideal for enjoying your own tea ceremony at home, or whisking a quick morning mug of matcha on the go.

Chawan: More Than Just a Tea Bowl

For more than 400 years matcha tea bowls have challenged Japanese potters, who spend years perfecting their craft to create a "handheld universe" within each bowl.

To the untrained eye, it may seem like nothing more than a vessel to drink out of, but that couldn't be further from the truth. From the black and red finish to the curves of the body and the shape of the interior pool, every minute detail is a deliberate choice that serves to create harmony and enhance the matcha experience.


  • Dimensions: 3" high by 5" wide
  • Care: Hand wash in warm water after use and air dry
  • Colour: Black with red pattern design

Use with a traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk (Chasen) for the ultimate matcha experience or pair with your Matcha Tea Set.

Customer Reviews

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Meauwo Atsime
Love It

Matcha powder Ceremonial grade love it.Bamboo whisk and Matcha Tea bowl looks great lovi it.
Delivery spot on.

Trevor Lunn (Brisbane, AU)
Just as advertised


Jane H.
Chawan bowl, matcha tea

Unfortunately one of the main reasons I ordered your tea was to use the beautiful bowl, the order was refunded which bothered me a bit as there was no offer of a reorder.
The tea is great though, I have used matcha for a long time and the taste is great

Hi Jane, thank you for the feedback and glad that you like our matcha green tea, We are currently out of stock for the chawan bowl and we already sent our enquiry for the restock. we are waiting for the shipment from our supplier, I will keep you updated once we already have chawan back on our available products.

Kind Regards,


Glenda D.
Love the Matcha Tea

Love the Matcha Tea
Would have liked the cooking grade to have come in a container also

Hi Glenda, thanks for the love on our Kenko Tea :) We will see what we can do about the cooking grade on tins :) Cheers! - Geraldine