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Why Buy Matcha From Kenko Tea

so you're probably wondering

"sure Kenko Tea, you may have the best website, the greatest packaging compared to the other matcha brands, as well as the best looking company founder...


but why is Kenko's matcha any better than the matcha I can buy at my local Asian grocery? those are much cheaper!"

well im glad you asked, heres why:

Quality, high grade matcha is Kenko's only focus. We live and die by the quality of our products, and our customers word of mouth. Meaning, we can't settle for a second rate product, if we did, Kenko would soon be out of business. We source only the highest grades of matcha available, and more importantly, we only sell the freshest matcha possible.

let me explain..

Fine matcha is like a ticking time bomb. From the moment it is stone ground, to the time it is consumed, it loses more of its freshness, its vibrance, its unique 'matcha-ness' every day that goes by. It's a race against the clock, but by being a small, focused operation Kenko Tea can win this battle.

Being an online only store, Kenko Tea has an advantage over the bigger companies. We order matcha only in small batches. Upon placing an order, our suppliers stone grind the dried tencha leaves into that blissful green powder known as matcha. It is then weighed, packed in air tight containers, sealed and stored in a chilled room all within the same day. It is then sent to Kenko HQ, ready to be posted out to our awesome customers!

Why Buy Matcha Tea from KenkoTea - Comparison

(Kenko Premium and Cooking Grade side by side with other major brands)

This entire process from production and delivery, to getting into our customers mouths, is a matter of weeks. Again, as we don't stock large amounts, by ordering from Kenko Tea you are buying some of the freshest matcha tea available outside of Japan.

There is no sitting in warehouses, packing and re packing, then left to die a slow death on a store shelf. Most matcha found on the store shelves has been mistreated, abused, left too long in a warehouse, then sat on display for far too long. Think of the life of a battery hen, that's what time does to matcha. Turning even the most vibrant green powder into a dull, stale, colourless, lifeless pile of sadness, that no amount of flashy marketing will salvage, and no amount or milk and sugar can sweeten.

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