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November 02, 2016

Interview ›

Kenko Chat: Made by Michelle with Michelle Mark

Made by Michelle Mark - logo via IG @madebymichelle

Happy November! The new month is here and we are excited to have a special guest for our monthly Kenko Chat.

Let’s meet Michelle Mark, a devoted dessert maker from a favourite online bakery, based in Vancouver Canada, Made by Michelle Mark.

Michelle is a loving mother of two little boys and an owner of the bakery and a stationery shop. She is also a DIY fanatic who loves anything pretty and creative. Michelle enjoys designing and making adorable stationery and beautiful desserts for her shop.

Handmade stationery - invitation cards by Michelle Mark (IG @madebymichelle)

Michelle is here today to tell us about her insights about matcha and to introduce us to her lovely shop and delicious desserts.

P/s: All the images are credited to and owned by Michelle Mark


Can you tell us about your shop?

We are a custom order bakery and available for delivery or pick up.  All our orders are baked fresh and from scratch, using only the best ingredients.

Homemade sweet treats by Michelle Mark (IG @madebymichelle)

We offer a one stop shop for dessert tables including linens, plates, backdrops and custom signs, banners and toppers. Not only are our products tasty, they are also presented nicely.

Dessert and party tables designed by Michelle Mark (IG @madebymichelle)

How did you first hear about matcha, how long have you been using it?

I have always loved matcha desserts and drinks! Coming from an Asian background, I have frequently been exposed to many matcha products. So when I was experimenting with recipes for the bakery, matcha was one of the top flavours to include on the menu.

How are you using matcha on your menu?

We use it in cupcakes, chocolates, mousses, panna cottas and cakes.

Delicious homemade Matcha Green Tea desserts, cakes, chocolates, etc. @madebymichelle

What’s the most popular matcha item on the menu?


Best-seller Matcha Cupcakes by Michelle Mark

Have you noticed an increasing demand for matcha lately?

Sales have been very steady.

Do you have a favourite matcha dish?

I love matcha bubble tea!  I know it's not a dish, but it’s my favourite.  Otherwise if I have to choose, I would pick green tea mochi ice-cream.

Anything else you’d like to share about your bakery?

We always strive to be different, offering exciting new products. So check us out!

Thank you Michelle. Your desserts, especially the matcha ones, look amazing and luscious. We wish all the best and hope to see more matcha sweets on your menu.


If you want to learn more about Michelle and her bakery, check out:


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October 05, 2016

Interview ›

Kenko Chat: Dates & Avocados with Lorena Salas

Dates & Avocados Logo Cover Photo

Happy October!

A new month comes with a new special guest and a new marvelous matcha recipe for our favorite session Kenko Chat.

Let’s welcome Lorena Salas from Dates And Avocados!

Lorena was originally a maths and engineer teacher from Barcelona. These days she is a pastry and raw chef who recently graduated from Matthew Kenney Cuisine to specialise in raw and vegan desserts.

Visit and follow Lorena and her amazing creations at:

Lorena is here to tell us about the importance of nutrition and eating right. She will also share with us her favourite matcha dessert which we’re sure you’re going to love.


Q: Can you tell us about yourself and why you became a recipe maker?

Lorena Salas is a talented vegan raw pastry chef and a blogger from Dates & Avocados who enjoys eating healthy and creating delicious healthy desserts

My name is Lorena and I’m a 32-year-old Spanish girl raised in Barcelona. I’m a civil engineer who is passionate about healthy food and yet obsessed with sweets and desserts. So last year I decided to change my professional career and become a chef.

As a pastry chef, my goal is to make desserts a healthy pleasure everyone can enjoy without regrets. That’s why all my desserts are vegan and refined sugar-free.

Q: Why are you interested in vegan and raw food? How is it good for our health?

Vegan & healthy recipes from Lorena Salas (@datesandavocados)

I decided to move to a vegetarian diet a few years ago after a trip to Peru and watching the shocking documentary “Earthlings”. Although the exploitation of animals is my main reason, it’s not the only one. I felt being vegetarian wasn’t enough and I progressively evolved to a vegan diet for health and environment reasons.

Last year I started reading about the benefits of following a raw food diet and I was impressed. Although I don’t eat only raw food, I was so interested in discovering this amazing cuisine that I decided to become a raw chef, and that is what I studied at Matthew Kenney’s culinary school.

Vegan healthy snacks & desserts from Lorena Salas (@datesandavocados)

After a lot of research I am more than convinced that following a plant-based diet is the healthiest way to feed our bodies. We can eat delicious food and get all the nutrients we need while fighting against animal abuse and helping to maintain our planet.

Q: How did you hear about matcha and how long have you used it?

I discovered matcha for the first time two years ago during a wonderful trip to Japan and since then I’ve been completely addicted to it.

Q: What is your favourite matcha recipe(s)?

Vegan brownies and matcha latte recipe from @datesandavocados

A matcha latte is one of my favourite things in the world, but a few weeks ago I started playing with matcha in my pastry recipes and I just love it! The colour and flavour of matcha is amazing.

Matcha Chocolate Fig Vegan Raw cheesecake recipe by @datesandavocados

Q: What do you like about how matcha benefits your health?

Matcha is loaded with a high amount of antioxidants and it’s also my energy booster. It’s the perfect coffee substitute.  

Thank you so much for your insights about eating right. It was great to talk about how and what we eat can have an impact on the environment. It is so important for all of us to be more conscious of what we’re consuming to protect this planet.

We also hope to see more of your amazing vegan desserts in the future!


As promised, we have the delicious matcha recipe shared by our awesome Lorena. It’s a vegan and raw dessert which is really easy to make. It’s so tasty you’ll want to share it with your loved ones.

Matcha Blueberry Vegan Cheesecake

Yields two 4-inch round molds

No bake blueberry vegan matcha green tea cheesecake recipe - Lorena Salas @datesandavocados



  • ½ cup almonds
  • 1 tsp cashew butter
  • 1 tsp coconut sugar
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • Pinch of salt


  • 2 cups cashews, soaked
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • 4 tsp lemon juice
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 tsp coconut sugar
  • 2 + ½ tsp matcha tea
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil, liquid
  • ¼ cup fresh blueberries


  1. Pulse the almonds in a food processor until partially broken down
  2. Add and process the remaining crust ingredients until sticky but still crumbled
  3. Press the mix into two separate 4’’(10 cm) round molds, forming an even crust layer
  4. Freeze for 30 minutes until it firms up
  5. For the cream filling, rinse and drain the soaked cashews
  6. Blend all the ingredients (except the coconut oil and blueberries) in a high-speed blender until smooth
  7. Add the coconut oil and blend on a slow speed for just for a few seconds until incorporated
  8. Pour the cream over the base, and freeze for at least three hours
  9. Remove from the molds, and refrigerate the cheesecakes an hour before serving
  10. Garnish with matcha and blueberries and enjoy!


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September 07, 2016

Interview ›

Kenko Chat: Sophie Bertrand & Her Healthy Kitchen

Sophie's Healthy Kitchen profile picture via @kittybertrand

It’s September and Kenko Chat is back!

We are excited to have another awesome guest for this month - Sophie Bertrand from Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen.

Sophie is a recipe developer and health enthusiast. She has been researching health and nutrition, and experimenting with different healthy recipes, for years. Sophie finally started her own blog a couple months ago, documenting all her works from the previous years up until now.

Below, Sophie shares with us her experience of becoming a health and nutrition blogger, insights about matcha as her favourite healthy food, and tips on how to be healthier.

At the end of our chat, Sophie also details one of her favourite healthy matcha treats. So stay tuned right to the end!

*All photos are credited to Sophie via @sophieshealthykitchen


Can you please introduce yourself and your blog?

    Hi! I am Sophie Bertrand and I started 'Sophie’s healthy kitchen’ about 6 months ago! After gradually becoming obsessed with different ways to eat and live a healthy lifestyle, I decided to start blogging about it, and it kind of just grew from there.

    Sophie Bertrand profile picture from @sophieshealthykitchen

    I love spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with new flavours and ingredients. I only use plant-based ingredients when cooking or baking. A lot of nutritional research has gone into my cooking and baking, as I always like to make sure the food I eat and the recipes I share are of nutritional value.

    This month, September, I’ll start my masters in nutrition to become a registered nutritionist!

    What made you become a food and health blogger?

      I became so passionate about health and nutrition that I decided to start sharing my own healthy, alternative recipes.

      I haven’t always been that conscious of my health, so when I made the change to my lifestyle, I hoped to encourage other individuals to do the same.

      How did you hear about matcha? How do you like it?

      I started drinking green tea about 3 years ago and tend to drink up to 5 cups a day now. I probably heard about matcha through other health bloggers. I then got in touch with a few companies that distributed matcha powder who kindly sent me some samples.

      Healthy Matcha Green Tea Smoothie by @sophieshealthykitchen

      I absolutely love how pure matcha tastes - and how versatile it is! After experimenting with quite a few types of recipes I soon realised that you can enjoy matcha in so many ways. My favourite way to enjoy it is mix it into smoothies or use it in my raw truffle balls recipe. Matcha is packed with antioxidants and great for energy boosting.

      Vegan Matcha Truffle Bars and Matcha truffle balls via @sophieshealthykitchen

      What is your favourite matcha recipe?

      My favourite matcha recipe is my 'Lemon, coconut and matcha balls' recipe. These are my 3 favourite flavours to add to food and they all have so many great health benefits.

      Is there any health or nutrition tips you want to share with us?

      I would definitely say you should be drinking matcha daily. Like I said, it is so high in antioxidants, which is really important to have in your diet.

      Vegan healthy recipes made and shared by @sophieshealthykitchen

      Additionally, I like my diet to be extremely high in plant-based foods. I understand not everyone wants to cut out meat and dairy but you should try and eliminate it where you can. This will keep your body at a more alkaline, and healthier, level. Also remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

      - Thank you so much for your helpful health tips and interesting story, Sophie! We'd love to see more of your amazing matcha recipes in the future. And we wish you all the best with your Masters this September!


      If you want to know more about Sophie and her works, feel free to visit her at:

      As promised, Sophie has shared with us her lovely treat recipe: Vegan Matcha Coco Lemon Balls. With this recipe, you can choose to make your treats into bars or balls.

      Following is the list of ingredients. You can find the rest of recipe here.

      Matcha Coco Lemon Vegan Balls

      Vegan Raw Matcha Lemon Coconut Truffles Recipe via @sophieshealthykitchen

      • 1 cup desiccated coconut
      • ¼ cup ground almonds
      • ¼ cup coconut milk
      • ½ tsp vanilla extract
      • 1 tbsp maple syrup (or agave)
      • 2 tbsp coconut oil
      • 2 tsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed
      • 1 tsp matcha green tea powder
      • 100g vegan dark chocolate


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      August 03, 2016

      Interview ›

      Kenko Chat: Hey There Sugar with Brooke

      Hey There Sugar - Home-based Bakery specialized in sweets, chocolates, & candies

      August is here and it’s time to welcome you back to our monthly Kenko Chat!

      Today our guest is the creator and owner of a wonderful handmade chocolate and sweets online shop based in Sydney. She is also a huge matcha fan, and has created lots of luscious treats with it.

      Let’s meet Brooke from Hey There Sugar!

      Brooke is here to talk to us about her works with matcha and share her new and super delicious Matcha treats recipe made with Kenko matcha. You can check out more of her gorgeously sweet creations at:

      Let’s hear from Brooke - and stay tuned for the secret Matcha Sweets recipe she shares after the interview...


      Q: Hello Brooke! Can you tell us about yourself and the shop?

      Hey There Sugar was born from a love of beautiful and delicious things. At the moment, we specialise in chocolate and small treats but one day hope to expand our range.

      Q: What’s the most popular item on the menu?

      Definitely our matcha chocolate and our Nutella filled chocolate delights.

      Nutella filled chocolate by Hey There Sugar @hey.there.sugar  Matcha Chocolate candy by Hey there sugar @hey.there.sugar

      Photo: Nutella filled chocolate (L) & Matcha chocolate (R) - via @hey.there.sugar

      Q: How are you using matcha on your menu?

      We use matcha powder in our chocolates a lot, because we love the hit of flavour, as well as in our mini desserts, including our tarts, panna cotta, and mousse.

      Matcha mousse by  Matcha panna cotta by @hey.there.sugar

      Photo: Matcha mousse (L) & Matcha panna cotta (R) - via @hey.there.sugar

      Q: How did you first hear about matcha, how long have you been using it?

      We have been using matcha from the start and we really believe we need to increase Australia's access to matcha desserts. However, it was very different story five years ago when we were first introduced to it...

      Q: Have you noticed increasing demand for it lately?

      The demand for matcha desserts is stronger than ever and we are proud to be a part of it.

      Matcha Chocolate Bark by Hey there sugar

      Photo: Matcha chocolate bark - via @hey.there.sugar

      Q: Do you have a favourite matcha dish?

      We do have a weakness for matcha panna cotta, but anything with a standout matcha flavour is great.

      Thank you, Brooke! It’s been a pleasure to learn more about you and Hey There Sugar. We hope to see more of your marvelous creations soon.


      Thanks for staying with us! As promised, Brooke shares her new recipe dedicated to Kenko Tea below.

      No Bake Matcha Coconut Cake Slices

      no baked matcha coco cake slices by Hey There Sugar, Australia

      Photo via @hey.there.sugar


      • 500g white chocolate, chopped into small pieces
      • 125ml thickened cream
      • 2 tbsp matcha powder*
      • 250g chocolate biscuits
      • 25g coconut oil**

      *The amount can be adjusted to suit your taste

      **This can be substituted with normal butter if you desire


      1. Line a 20cm x 15cm tin (or equivalent) with baking paper
      2. Blitz chocolate biscuits & coconut oil together until they reach a fine crumb consistency
      3. Press the biscuit mix onto the baking paper to form the base, making sure it is tightly packed
      4. Bring the cream close to boil before removing it from the stove
      5. Stir in the chopped white chocolate until it has melted into the cream
      6. Sift in the matcha powder, mixing it until smooth
      7. Pour the matcha mixture on top of the biscuit base
      8. Set the slice in the fridge for at least eight hours
      9. Remove the slice gently from the tin once it has set
      10. Sift the matcha powder over the slice to balance its sweetness
      11. Cut with a hot knife and enjoy!

      Raw matcha coconut cake slices by Hey There Sugar with Kenko Tea Matcha Powder

      Photo via @hey.there.sugar


      • Baking paper is the same as parchment paper
      • Make sure all edges of the tray are lined, so it is easy to remove when set
      • A Nutribullet was used to create the biscuit crumbs, but a food processor or a rolling pin and ziplock bag would work as well
      • Run a knife under hot water to heat it up before cutting the slice


      This adorable, bite-sized slice is perfect as delicious gifts or served up at a party. Enjoy!


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      July 06, 2016

      Interview ›

      Kenko Chat: Tailor with Sara Quilter

      Tailor Skincare Products -Tailor Skincare

      Welcome back to our monthly Kenko Chat!

      Skin care is never an outdated topic - especially now that the cold winter weather has arrived. Our special guest today is a skin care expert and the founder of a boutique natural skin care company in Wellington, New Zealand.

      Let’s meet Sara Quilter - founder and CEO of Tailor!

      Sara’s skin care story began when she discovered the benefits raw and natural ingredients have for the body, particularly our skin, which is our largest organ. Keen to know more, she began researching and making her own natural skin care products in her father’s shed.

      Harnessing her dedication and passion for skin, she created Tailor Masque and eight other natural products for all skin types, which are now loved worldwide.

      Tailor’s products are all made with high-quality natural ingredients and environmentally friendly materials, with animal cruelty-free principles driving everything. You can learn more about Sara and Tailor’s products at:

      Sara is here to talk with us about natural skin care, share her tips on creating a healthy and beautiful skin care regimen and also let us know what she thinks of matcha!

      *All photos are from Tailor Skincare (IG: @tailorskincare)*


      Q: Can you tell us about yourself and your blog?

      Sara Quilter, founder and CEO of Tailor Skincare

      I’m Sara and I have a boutique skin care business called Tailor. Natural skincare is important to me because the skin is the body’s largest organ and it needs nutrients just like the rest of your body to be healthy. In my blog I take a holistic perspective where a healthy diet, regular exercise (yoga for me), lifestyle and natural skincare are the best way to achieve healthy skin.

      Q: What do you think about the growing trend of natural skin care today?

      I think it’s great so many customers are beginning to understand that putting synthetic materials onto the the skin is not the best way to keep it healthy. After all, skin is your body’s largest organ and it’s full of holes making it a direct pathway into your bloodstream.

      Natural skincare products from Tailor Skincare with high quality and environmentally friendly ingredients

      (Photo via IG @iamtarryndonaldson from @tailorskincare)

      Q: What do you think about matcha as beauty regimen?

      I think it’s important to maintain a healthy diet as part of your skincare regimen and matcha has a boat load of antioxidants which can be great for the skin.

      Q: How did you first hear about matcha? How long have you been using it?

      I first discovered matcha while in California doing market research for an organic fertilizer company. During my time I became obsessed with health and wellness, making it my mission to seek out new and exciting ingredients. I found kombucha ,which I love, as well as matcha which is the best drink to have in the morning.

      Q: Have you used matcha for your skin? How do you like it?

      I do like to indulge in a matcha masque from time to time by mixing ½ tsp of matcha in with my Tailor Masque blend for a antioxidant rich detoxifying masque.

      Tailor Masque, beauty and skin care products from Tailor Skincare

      (Photo via IG @wellnessbykels from @tailorskincare)

      Q: Do you also use matcha in your diet? Which one(s) are your favourite matcha recipes?

      I’m pretty plain and love a matcha latte. I make mine at home with a little oat milk and some New Zealand manuka honey.

      Q: Are there any tips you want to share with us about skin and beauty care?

      It’s important to be gentle with your skin and to use products which support it’s natural health and vitality. I love Tailor Oil Cleanse which is a gentle way to cleanse the skin and remove make up. It works by absorbing the dirty oily buildup without stripping the skin of it’s protective oily layer. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturised.


      Thank you Sara for the lovely chat and your helpful skin care tips. It’s great hearing about your story and what you are doing. We wish you and Tailor all the best!


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      June 01, 2016

      Interview ›

      Kenko Chat- Elsa Brobbey from The Whinery

      Elsa Brobbey- The Whinery

      June is here and at Kenko Tea we have a special guest for this month’s Kenko Chat.

      Elsa is a food and travel blogger as well as a huge matcha fan from Vancouver, Canada. She has lived in many places around the world and had many interesting adventures, fuelling a love of writing and keeping journals about her culinary exploration of plant-based foods.

      Her blog has become the place where she can share her plant-based recipes, travel, coffee culture, style, photography and many aspects of her life.

      Elsa is going to share with us her story of becoming a blogger, how she became a matcha fan, and one of her favorite matcha recipes. Let’s meet Elsa from The Whinery.

      *All photos are provided & courtesy of The Whinery


      - Can you tell us about yourself and your blog?

      Elsa Brobbey- blogger from The Whinery

      My name is Elsa Brobbey and I live in beautiful British Columbia where I blog over at The Whinery. My blog is basically an adventure journal exploring vibrant and nourishing plant-based foods.

      - What inspired you to become a food blogger?

      I’ve always had a passion for writing and I’ve kept journals all my life. Food came later when I embarked on a quest to learn about making foods I liked; and that sort of intertwined with my writing. My blog became a place to share my culinary adventures as well as the things that interest me in life, which I hope my readers enjoy.

      - How did you first hear about matcha? How do you like it?

      I love matcha! I first ate it in a slice of matcha fruit cake from a nearby bakery, which was the most amazing thing I’d ever tasted!

      Then I attended a tea ceremony and fell in the love with the rich earthy vegetal flavour – and the slight sweet and bitter taste.

      - How are you using matcha in your recipes?

      Matcha Green Banana Bread - Elsa @elsbro

      I love matcha lattes. Matcha works beautifully in desserts, as it adds a depth of rich delicate flavour, and a lovely vibrant colour. I use it in cookies, cakes, breakfast cereals, pancakes and waffles, and of course, I drink it too!

      Matcha sunflower seeds cookies by Elsa from The Whinery  Matcha Green Tea Muffins from The Whinery

      - What’s your favourite matcha recipe(s)?

      One of my favourite ways to enjoy matcha is in my coconut flour cereal. I mix matcha in some milk and pour it over my coconut flour porridge. It’s a simple, delicious and filling breakfast. You can find the recipe here.

      Breakfast Coconut Flour Porridge mixed with Matcha Latte

      - Is there a favourite place(s) where you go for matcha?

      I enjoy spending time in coffee shops, and there are a few shops in my city, Vancouver, that make great matcha lattes and pastries.

      Thank you Elsa for the lovely chat and the recipe! It’s great to hear your story. We look forward to hearing more about your great adventures and recipes in the future.


      If you want to learn more about Elsa, visit her at:


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      May 20, 2016

      Interview ›

      Kenko Chat: "Oh Sweet Day!" blog with Fanny

      Fanny- the creator of Vancouver-based food blog Oh Sweet Day

      For this month’s Kenko Chat, we are featuring our special guest Fanny, who is the food blogger and home-based baker from Oh Sweet Day!

      Through her Vancouver-based baking & dessert blog, she enjoys making and eating delicious sweet treats.

      Over her life, she has encountered many unexpected possibilities through the diverse group of people she’s met. Through these chance happenings, she was given the drive to begin her own home-based bakery, Oh Sweet Day!

      But we’re not here to tell you her story - Fanny is going to do that! She’ll also share some of her top baking tips in the interview below so stay tuned…

      You can learn more about her at:

      Now, let’s hear from Fanny!

      Psst! All photos are courtesy of Oh Sweet Day!


      1. Hi Fanny. Can you tell us about yourself and your blog?

      Fanny is food blogger and recipe developer from Oh Sweet Day

      I’ve been living in Vancouver for ten years after moving here from Hong Kong. Back in Hong Kong, I worked for a radio station and a movie distribution company, which was such an inspirational career, allowing me to participate in event production, meet some celebrities and make a lot of money. But then I decided to move here, marry my husband and create our family.

      I started to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when I arrived in Vancouver as I had the hours to spare. And that's how my blog was created - to chronicle my journey to become a cook and a mother.

      2. What’s your inspiration?

      Chicken Paella Recipe by Fanny from @ohsweetday

      Chicken Paella by @OhSweetDay

      It's my own curiosity in food that has shaped my cooking. I make things simple so anyone can follow. And I never go crazy with weird ingredients.

      Through my cooking journey, I’ve realised I have a passion for baking and decorating desserts. Through the process of self-learning and being inspired by other brilliant bloggers, I've become better. Friends and family have always been my greatest supporters and without them, I would have never have been determined to start my home-based bakery.

      Banoffee Cupcakes Recipe by Fanny from Oh Sweet Day

      Banoffee Cupcakes by @OhSweetDay

      3. How did you first hear about matcha?

      I believe I'd already heard about green tea when I was a small kid. Back then, Hong Kong was highly influenced by Japanese culture. Drinking green tea was nothing new. Desserts with green tea flavour were created later, but weren’t as popular as they are now.

      Matcha Macarons Recipe made by Fanny from Oh Sweet Day    Matcha Red Bean Hazelnut Ice-cream Tarts by Fanny from Oh Sweet Day

      Matcha Macarons (L) & Matcha Hazelnut Tarts (R) by @OhSweetDay

      4. How long have you been using matcha and what do you like about it?

      I bought my first jar of high quality matcha powder a few years back when I decided to make my first green tea cake roll. I really love the natural color, delicate aroma, unique flavour and health value.

      5. How do you use matcha in your recipes?

      Matcha Vertical Roll Cake Recipe by Fanny from Oh Sweet Day

      Matcha Vertical Cake Roll by Fanny (@OhSweetDay)

      I've used matcha to make cakes and ice cream. And I'm thinking about making matcha mousse soon!

      6. What’s your favorite matcha recipe(s)?

      I must say it’s matcha and black sesame cheesecake. You can find the recipe here.

      Matcha Black Sesame Cheesecake by Fanny from Oh Sweet Day

      Matcha Black Sesame Cheesecake by Fanny (@OhSweetDay)

      7. Are there any cooking tips you want to share with us?

      I am a very organised cook. My friends refer me as OCD. But I do find ‘clean as you go’ really helpful to keep my kitchen tidy and accessible, like putting used dishes away or into the dishwasher and wiping the counter clean between cooking steps.


      Thanks a lot for your time with us, and for the story and advice you’ve shared. It’s great to know you and we hope to see more of your amazing matcha desserts soon.

      Lastly, we wish you all the best with your little bakery!


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