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Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

how to make an awesome matcha green tea latte

I remember the first time I tried a matcha green tea latte. It was at starbucks of all places. I liked the 'green tea' taste, but it was a little bit too sweet for my liking, and it cost me about $6.50.

But that's the great thing about matcha powder, you can make your own at home, just the way you like it, for a fraction of the price. I like a strong matcha flavour when I make mine. A full teaspoon worth, so about 5 grams, cooking grade matcha works best for this. I add a little sweetener, but not too much. I prefer full cream milk, but soy milk and almond milk go surprisingly well with matcha. They already have a slight sweetness to them, and it pairs well with the matcha. 

You will need:

3-5 grams of matcha powder, dissolved in hot water. Don't use too much water, or it won't be as creamy as it should be. And of course, never use boiling water when preparing matcha tea, as you will damage the delicate structure of the plant, losing most of the health benefits and burning the matcha, turning it bitter. 70-80c is about right.