Organic Matcha Green Tea


Organic Matcha Tea

Being more health conscience is one reason many have incorporated matcha in their daily lives.  Matcha boasts many nutritional properties that have great effects on our mood, focus, and health.  For the organic food lovers out there, we offer USDA certified organic matcha green tea from the Nishio region of Japan.

Non organic matcha can be grown using pesticides if the grower wishes.  Certified organic matcha uses organic pesticides and there is a limit to how much.  To be certified organic, the whole supply chain must be certified organic as well. 

Concerning taste, non organic matcha, as with other teas, tends to be more full-bodied and has a more robust flavor. Organic matcha, however, has a tendency to be lighter and thinner in flavor compared to non organic matcha. Some tea lovers seem to gravitate to the taste of the non organic matcha, but those who buy and shop with organic in mind, organic matcha is the perfect choice because of its great taste and how it was produced.  Kenko Tea offers both organic and non organic for those looking for the options they value and want.  


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Organic Matcha - Premium Ceremonial Kenko Tea
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