Matcha Bamboo Scoop (Chasaku)

Traditional bamboo scoop used for matcha. Also called a Chasaku, the bamboo scoop has been a part of Japanese tea ceremony for over 1500 years. Perfect for scooping the perfect amount of matcha - one scoop equals one gram of matcha. 

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I was a gift and

I was a gift and they really liked it.

Hi Irene, glad you like your gift :) Enjoy your matcha! Regards, Geraldine
Keep coming back!

After living in Japan for a few years, we became big fans of matcha. It's incredibly healthy and great for staying alert while studying or working, while being so much healthier than coffee. However, it's often hard to find a matcha that tastes as good as we remembered. And we have tried! Most are only good enough for dusting on desserts. We were so excited to find Kenko matcha while living in Australia! We've now made multiple purchases, even buying 3 at a time, so we can now make matcha a daily ritual again! We highly recommend the Bamboo scoop (chasaku) as well as the whisk to make a perfectly portioned and smooth tea every time. Enjoy!

Thanks Malory! It's great to hear that our matcha met your quality expectation! We're glad that you are enjoying the matcha! Cheers! - Regards, Geraldine
It's great. Thank you

It's great. Thank you

Thanks as well Heidi! Enjoy your matcha! - Regards, Geraldine
I am enjoying the tea

I am enjoying the tea however not sure if I am doing something wrong as is doesn't froth up at all and is difficult to dissolve. I would appreciate your advice Many thanks Maureen


Love this little scoop, measures a cup of green tea out perfectly!

Thank you


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Lovely gift set and matcha tea :)

This is a lovely Matcha Tea Gift set which I have used at home and even at the workplace (also used this when facilitating an ikebana session) introducing others about matcha. As some people have mentioned, I recommend using 80C hot water as I was quite impressed with the intricate flavours of the matcha (freshly cut grass, with a touch a bitterness that does not overpower the palate). I appreciate Kenko’s efforts from the processing to the manufacturing and packaging of the ceremonial grade matcha. Thank you.

Best match in the world

Brilliant matcha, I have a teapot daily

Great first experience

This was my first time trying out matcha tea and I stumbled on Kenko tea quite by accident. And I have to say it has been a great first experience. The guide provided helps in creating a unique matcha tea experience. Looking forward to many more such experiences. Thank you Kenko tea!

First order

I review a few companies that sell Matcha, yours is the one I chossed as I found more description of the product and helpful videos.

Love the presentation the tissue paper and the stickers gave to the product a very good introduction.
Drom now on I will keep buying from you my Matcha.

Thank you

Rod Ballesteros

Real matcha

Kenko is the best matcha I've found in Australia. Expensive, but genuine tea matcha unlike the cooking grade which is sold by some suppliers. Whisks up to a beautiful foam, taste and aroma excellent. Reminds me of matcha I bought in Kyoto.