Organic Matcha - Cooking Grade 100g Bag

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It's here at last!

For the organic matcha lovers - we are pleased to announce our Certified Organic Cooking Grade Matcha is now in stock! 

A superfood with super versatility, matcha green tea is for more than drinking. Kenko Tea offers organic cooking-grade matcha tea: a quality organic matcha available in a larger 100g bags. A versatile ingredient, Kenko Cooking Grade Matcha Tea provides a stronger green tea flavour and light astringency to your cooking, blending, shaking and baking.

A popular additive to smoothies, Kenko Organic Cooking-Grade Matcha Tea can also be used in ice cream, lattes, cupcakes, pasta, and chocolate. Not only does it taste great, it also adds an antioxidant blast to your recipes! Kenko Organic Cooking-Grade Matcha tea: a little bag of delicious health!

Matcha Benefits

  • Contains L-theanine, which helps relax the body and calm the mind
  • Is a natural metabolism booster (up to 4x that of the average rate)
  • Increases energy for up to 6 hours without caffeine or jitters
  • Full of antioxidants to help detoxify the body

Kenko Matcha Benefits 

  • USDA certified organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Raw and vegan friendly
  • Gluten and dairy free
  • Tested for heavy metal, pesticide, and radiation


Customer Reviews

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Very happy woth the delivery and service.
Very pleased with the tea.

Organic matcha cooking grade

Really quality stuff! Love the lattes it produces. Better than outside stores.

Thanks Benjamin! Having your own matcha powder at home is really amazing that you can make your matcha latte whenever you want :) Cheers! - Geraldine

I bought a bag of Matcha on the recmmendation of a friend and am glad that I did. Since I started drinking it I have more energy and have a greater feeling of all round wellness. I have noticed improvements in my overall mood and focus as well and highly recommend it to anyone.

Thanks Muzz :) We're glad to received such feedback! Its flattering that you are satisfied with the benefits of having Kenko Matcha Green Tea! Cheers! -Geraldine
lovely lattes

I bought three bags of cooking grade matcha to enjoy for myself and my friends. Have already made milkshakes, lattes, a green tea cake. Love it!

Thanks Farhiyo! Its amazing to hear that you and your friends love the matcha :) Making different recipes with matcha is really delicious! Cheers! - Geraldine
Best green tea!

Love this green tea! Made the best green tea cupcakes! Now it's green tea all day every day . Also very fast postage. Satisfied my green tea craving.

Thanks Pamela :) Enjoy your Kenko Tea! Regards, Geraldine


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1056 reviews
Matcha green tea powder of the finest quality!

I could have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of this delicious matcha powder every day; from the very start, I was really impressed with the remarkable softness and extreme sweetness of both “Organic Matcha -Premium
Ceremonial grade” and the “Super Premium Matcha Tea”! I can fully confirm that the quality of this green tea selection is absolutely extraordinary.

Excellent quality and fast service

Good quality matcha, I drink it everyday now on breakfast as latte

Premium Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea - 30 Gram Tin

Absolutely Amazing Quality

Cannot express how relaxing this Match Green Tea makes me feel. Its my morning tea ritual, my body craves it everyday 💚❤️
Thank you KENKO for providing us with such an amazing delicious product and the opportunity to sip on such premium Matcha Green Tea. 🍵

Excellent customer service

amazing taste! Very smooth tasting tea and excellent customer service. Happy to keep ordering here.