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Kenko Chat: Made by Michelle with Michelle Mark

Made by Michelle Mark - logo via IG @madebymichelle

Happy November! The new month is here and we are excited to have a special guest for our monthly Kenko Chat.

Let’s meet Michelle Mark, a devoted dessert maker from a favourite online bakery, based in Vancouver Canada, Made by Michelle Mark.

Michelle is a loving mother of two little boys and an owner of the bakery and a stationery shop. She is also a DIY fanatic who loves anything pretty and creative. Michelle enjoys designing and making adorable stationery and beautiful desserts for her shop.

Handmade stationery - invitation cards by Michelle Mark (IG @madebymichelle)

Michelle is here today to tell us about her insights about matcha and to introduce us to her lovely shop and delicious desserts.

P/s: All the images are credited to and owned by Michelle Mark


Can you tell us about your shop?

We are a custom order bakery and available for delivery or pick up.  All our orders are baked fresh and from scratch, using only the best ingredients.

Homemade sweet treats by Michelle Mark (IG @madebymichelle)

We offer a one stop shop for dessert tables including linens, plates, backdrops and custom signs, banners and toppers. Not only are our products tasty, they are also presented nicely.

Dessert and party tables designed by Michelle Mark (IG @madebymichelle)

How did you first hear about matcha, how long have you been using it?

I have always loved matcha desserts and drinks! Coming from an Asian background, I have frequently been exposed to many matcha products. So when I was experimenting with recipes for the bakery, matcha was one of the top flavours to include on the menu.

How are you using matcha on your menu?

We use it in cupcakes, chocolates, mousses, panna cottas and cakes.

Delicious homemade Matcha Green Tea desserts, cakes, chocolates, etc. @madebymichelle

What’s the most popular matcha item on the menu?


Best-seller Matcha Cupcakes by Michelle Mark

Have you noticed an increasing demand for matcha lately?

Sales have been very steady.

Do you have a favourite matcha dish?

I love matcha bubble tea!  I know it's not a dish, but it’s my favourite.  Otherwise if I have to choose, I would pick green tea mochi ice-cream.

Anything else you’d like to share about your bakery?

We always strive to be different, offering exciting new products. So check us out!

Thank you Michelle. Your desserts, especially the matcha ones, look amazing and luscious. We wish all the best and hope to see more matcha sweets on your menu.


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