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Psychedelic Three Way Matcha Smoothie

(matcha, apple, strawberry and banana smoothie)

I couldn't think of a real name for this matcha, banana and strawberry smoothie, but it reminds me of an acid trip from when I was younger so we'll go with that.

It makes a great refreshing drink for the warmer months and looks pretty cool. It's made up of three different, yet equally important parts, all sitting together in perfect harmony. Like the yin and the yang and something else.

The smoothie in all it's glory!

Banana, Strawberry and Green Tea Smoothie

To be honest it's not the most practical smoothie I've ever made, I ended up just mixing it all up before I drank it, but it looks kinda pretty. I used apple, banana, and strawberries for their contrasting colours, but you could change it to suit your tastes. 

The sexy ingredients laid out on my chopping board:

Matcha Fruit Smoothie Ingredients

Now I'm not sure why you'd take a photo at this stage. It's not really practical to put everything on the board like that, in fact it's a complete waste of time. So this is mainly for the readers who have never seen sliced fruit on a chopping board before. I hope they appreciate it.



  • 1Granny Smith Apple diced - why do they call it Granny Smith?
  • 1 tsp of matcha tea powder - dissolved in warm water
  • Handful of ice cubes


  • 1/2 A punnet of strawberries, washed with tops removed
  • Handful of ice cubes
  • Squeeze of lemon


  • 1 Banana sliced
  • Small amount of yoghurt or milk
  • More ice cubes


Now you are essentially making 3 different smoothies. The trick is they all need to be quite thick otherwise they wont stay separated. I made it quite icey to ensure the thick texture. If it's too runny then just add more ice or more fruit to get the texture right.

There's no real technique, just mix each one and clean your blender between each colour. Unless you have 3 blenders, then consider yourself quite lucky - you're probably part of the %1.

Layer each colour carefully - I used a spoon, an essential item for any kitchen. 


Matcha Green Tea, Banana and Strawberry Smoothie

Note I didn't save a nice looking strawberry to garnish it with. Please excuse that sad looking thing on top.

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