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Matcha Green Tea Kale Shake

Nutritious matcha green tea kale shake with pear, orange and lime

I've heard alot of good things about green kale shakes lately, and wanted to try making one with matcha. But until recently had never seen any available around Melbourne. So when I saw a bunch of aptly named 'Kool Kale' at the Victoria Market this week I instantly picked up a bunch to add to my green tea smoothies. I am probably one of the healthiest guys on the planet after drinking this.

Matcha Green Tea Kale shake

I had heard kale on it's own can be a bit bitter, so I added some pear and orange to balance with a bit of sweetness. I also added lime for tang and a bunch of ice for texture.


 1 4-5 leaves of fresh kale (I used about 1/4 of the whole bunch)

 2 1 small pear, cut into chinks, with skin left on

 3 Half an orange - peeled, and cut into chunks

 4 Juice of half a lime (I'd use more but limes are so expensive)

 5 6 Ice cubes - I like ice in my smoothies, makes it cool and adds a bit of texture

 6 1 teaspoon of cooking grade matcha - dissolved in warm water

 7 Half a cup of cold water - more or less just depends on your desired thickness

 No technique, just throw it all in your blender until its smooth.

Blending a matcha green tea kale shake

(I need a proper blender)

The result:

It turned out pretty smooth, although a little pulpy from my el-cheapo blender. Taste was great though, Ioved it. Wasn't bitter at all, I felt energized all morning and will definitely make it a regular part of my mornings - I feel 17% healthier already!


Anyone else make kale shakes?