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How Kenko Tea Got Started

Kenko Matcha Green Tea with cup

Hi there! How are you? I haven't added anything to the blog for a while.

This is just a quick update on what's happening at Kenko Tea, How it got started and where we are going.

Kenko Tea started in July, 2013 as I couldn't find any decent quality matcha tea in Melbourne. There were overseas based online stores selling it but they all took weeks to deliver, and shipping costs were huge. So Kenko was started to solve those 3 problems - to bring high grade matcha tea to Australia, offer FAST shipping, and keep prices reasonable for the high grades of matcha we offer.

I had heard about high grade artisinal matcha first from the internet, and after reading about it I knew I wanted to try some. The intense green colour, the interesting history, I found the whole story behind matcha alluring. I bought just about every brand I could find locally, but there just wasn't any quality matcha around, anywhere. 

I turned to overseas online shops and ordered a few brands. Some tasted ok, but most were quite bitter and looked dull instead of bright green (a sign of old or low grade matcha). It wasn't until I started ordering from a high end Japanese supplier that I finally tasted truly high grade matcha.

It was nothing like any of the others I had tasted. It was sweet, with no bitterness, smelt like a cross between freshly cut grass and spring green vegetables, but most importantly, the colour was the most intense 'electric' green I had ever laid eyes on. I had finally found quality matcha. It was a bit pricy, but I knew I couldn't be the only one who wanted this tea. So I struck up a deal with the supplier and began Kenko to make quality matcha available to Australia.

If you have tried our matcha tea already, big thank you. If not, what are you waiting for?

We haven't been around for long, but have had some excellent feedback and suggestions from our customers so far. We are always trying to improve and strive to offer not just the best matcha tea in Australia, but backed up by excellent customer support, matcha recipes and excellent resources on how to use matcha tea. 

What's next? Currently I am trying to satisfy the demand for those who use matcha for cooking. Developing new matcha recipes constantly and working to expand the website into the ultimate hub for anything related to Japanese matcha tea. I want to see high grade matcha green tea as popular as specialty coffee one day, and see Kenko as the go-to source for matcha in Australia.

Take care!


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Sam James
Sam James