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Muesli Cookies Matcha Vanilla Parfait Recipe

Matcha Vanilla Muesli parfait sugar free desserts

The weekend has passed and we’re at the beginning of yet another week. But don’t despair - to brighten up your Monday blues, we’ve got a delicious matcha recipe for you to enjoy.

Mondays are tough enough, so we want to keep it simple with this easy matcha dessert: Sugar-free Matcha Vanilla Parfait by Wyatt Tan from @musclelogytan

Wyatt is a fitness model from Fitness Movement (FM) League in Singapore. He has a passion for bodybuilding, fitness and healthy food. Wyatt has created and shared many of his own inspiring healthy snacks which you can find on his instagram @musclelogytan.

This parfait recipe is quick, easy, and free of both sugar and fat – Wyatt says it’s perfect for building muscle too.

The parfait is served with vegan, dairy free, gluten free and organic muesli cookies crumbs, which taste delightful. These muesli cookies are mixed with matcha and vanilla to create the unique flavor of matcha green tea parfait.

Sugar-free Matcha Muesli Cookies Vanilla Parfait

Serves: 2



  1. Whisk box of Sugar free Jell-O with cold milk for 2 minutes.
  2. Pour half of the Vanilla pudding into another bowl
  3. Add Kenko Matcha Tea powder in one half
  4. Whisk the Matcha half to get Matcha pudding.
  5. Break the Munchy Muesli Cookies into crumbs
  6. Layer the dessert in cookie crumbs, vanilla pudding, cookie crumbs, matcha pudding, cookie crumbs (each cookie crumbs layer is about 2 cookies)

Matcha Vanilla Muesli cookies Parfait

Although this recipe is sugar and fat free, it probably should be enjoyed in moderation. So enjoy it as part of a balanced diet or to fuel you in the gym!


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