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Kenko Tea Turns One

If you had of told me 18 months ago I would be running a Japanese tea company I would have thought you were crazy. 
My confession: In early 2013 I had never heard of Matcha Green Tea. 
I tried matcha for the first time in Starbucks of all places. I was drinking an iced green tea latte and wanted to know how to make my own at home. 
A quick google search led me to matcha, this 'electric' green colored green tea powder, packed with antioxidants, high levels of the stress reducer L-thanine and countless other claimed health benefits. They ranged from increased energy, stress reduction, to a metabolism booster, to enhanced memory. Intrigued..but still skeptical, I studied more and more about the health benefits, and it turned out there were scientific studies behind all these claims. 
I looked more into the unique history behind the tea, the links to the Japanese tea ceremony, it's use in meditation, the painstaking production process and of course all the amazing matcha recipes. 
It seemed too good to be true, but why wasn't it widely available in Australia?
I began trying every matcha brand available in shops, but was constantly frustrated with what I received. The tea wasn't bright green like I expected, but a grassy hay colour, bitter in taste and dull in colour. 
I began ordering from overseas suppliers. But slow delivery times, expensive shipping costs and poor quality matcha caused me more frustration. 
Finally, after a long search, I found a reputable Japanese supplier on the recommendation from a tea expert. 
This matcha wasn't like any of the others I'd found. It was vividly, bright green in colour. It had a fresh 'green tea' aroma that lept out at you, and it tasted fresh, grassy, like baby spring vegetables and not a trace of bitterness. I kept ordering this tea and some of friends and colleagues wanted to buy some.
Realising there must be more people out there wanting quality matcha, I struck a deal with the supplier and Kenko Tea was born. With the goal to bring premium Japanese matcha green tea to Australia, and promoting it as a healthy coffee alternative.
What started as a tiny one man show run out of an apartment in inner city Melbourne has grown into a flourishing business, with over 1000 amazing customers all over the globe, 2 staff and a small fulfillment team handling the orders from our Melbourne warehouse in Little Collins St.
It's been exactly 1 full year since Kenko Tea had it's first sale, and none of it would of been possible without your support.
So as a thank you for being a customer, reader, or subscriber we are having a small sale until Thursday July 31st.
Use the promo code 'HappyBday' to receive 15% off any purchase in our store. Simply enter the code on the second page of the checkout to apply the discount. You are welcome to share this with any of your friends and family, and this offer expires at Midnight July 31st.
If you're still reading, thank you. We have some exciting new matcha products planned forlater in the year, including organic matcha options and a matcha latte mix.