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Matcha Green Tea Recipes

Delicious matcha green tea recipes from Kenko Tea

Matcha powdered green tea can be used for making green tea lattes, super healthy green tea smoothiesgreen tea ice cream, cakes, sweets, biscuits and all sorts of other treats. Whether you use matcha for the amazing health benefits, or you just love the green tea flavour in your recipes, check out these amazing creations below for some green inspiration. These are all original creations from Kenko Tea.

Want to make your own matcha recipes? We recommend Kenko's Cooking Grade Matcha as an ingredient.

Matcha Drinks & Lattes

Traditional Matcha Preparation - VIDEO - Steps how-to-make a cup of traditional matcha green tea

Making Matcha Tea without a Whisk - VIDEO - Steps how-to-make matcha green tea using electric whisk 

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte - VIDEO - Quick and easy iced matcha green tea latte in 2 minutes 

Almold Milk Matcha Latte with Almond Breeze - Quick and easy-to-make healthy vegan matcha latte with almond milk recipe

Matcha Green Tea Beer - Enjoy the weekend with this tasty and refreshing matcha beer recipe

Bullet Proof Matcha Green Tea (Matcha with Butter) - Recharge your energy with the awesome Bulletproof matcha green tea

Matcha Smoothies & Shakes

Green Tea and Cacao Smoothie - Enjoy the delicious and healthy matcha and cacao smoothie recipe

Matcha KitKat Milkshake Recipe - Yummy and quick matcha kitkat milkshake recipe

Mango and Green Tea Smoothie - Refresh yourself with the healthy mango and matcha smoothie

Matcha Green Tea Kale Shake - Recharge yourself with the SUPER health shake with matcha + kale

Healthy Matcha Protein Shake with 180 Nutrition - A perfect drink for work-out with matcha protein shake recipe with 180 Nutrition

Matcha Green Tea Banana Smoothie - Try this healthy and refreshing smoothie recipe with matcha and banana

Psychedelic Matcha Smoothie with Fresh Fruits - Great combination of matcha, banana, apple and strawberry in this healthy smoothie recipe

Christmas Matcha, Strawberry and Watermelon Smoothie - Enjoy Christmas with the refreshing smoothie with matcha, strawberry and watermelon

Matcha Smoothie Bowl with Banana, Berries,and Chia Seeds - SUPER healthy, vegan smoothie bowl with matcha, banana, berries and chia seeds 

Matcha Ice-cream

Vegan Matcha, Coconut and Banana Green Tea Ice Cream - Healthy vegan matcha ice cream with banana, avocado & coconut

Matcha + Avocado Popsicles with Chocolate - Yummy matcha popsicles with avocado & chocolate 

Banana Nice Cream & Matcha Muesli with Mango and Strawberry - Easy recipe of banana nice cream + matcha muesli with fresh fruits

Vegan Matcha Choc Popsicle - An interesting twist of rich dark chocolate and vegan matcha popsicles 

Vegan Matcha Banana Nice Cream - SUPER healthy vegan matcha nice cream with banana and mandarins

Matcha Cake & Cookies

Raw Vegan Matcha Green Tea Cake - A raw vegan and TASTY matcha  cake with coconut, bananan and avocado recipe 

Matcha + Strawberry Vegan Cheesecake - Homemade vegan "cheesecake" with matcha and strawberry that you can't resist! 

Raw, Vegan Matcha Mint Cheesecake - The NO-bake recipe of raw vegan cheesecake with matcha & mint is so rich and delicious

Matcha Pine Lime Splice Ice-cream Cake - This delicious matcha and slice ice cream cake definitely will refresh your day!

Matcha Chocolate Recipe - Hmmm~ Matcha chocolate is a perfect sweet treat after the long day!

Matcha Green Tea Pancake (VIDEO) - Great matcha pancakes served with coconut milk cream recipe is perfect for weekend's brunch!

Matcha Ice Cream Cookies (VIDEO) - The vegan ice cream sandwiches with matcha cookies is a PERFECT hit for everyone!

Matcha Pudding & Mousse

Matcha Green Tea Chia Seed Pudding - A healthy matcha chia seed pudding recipe will bring tons of antioxidants and great nutrients.

Matcha Mousse with Avocado - This raw, vegan, paleo matcha mousse with avocado and paleo chocolate is perfect and healthy treat for the day!


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